The Journey (so far)

As a child, my parent encouraged reading, and they had no idea it would create a reading addiction. As a youth, I spent my life in the library, and my first job money went to subscriptions to book clubs in order to receive books every month.

I also met my future husband at the library in our home town. He says he saw me with my long hair, nose deep in a book, and when I looked up to smile at him, he was in love. Such a sweet story from a truly amazing person.

The bookworm in 2008, still going strong.

As my family and friends know, I went back to school in 2017 to complete by Baccalaureate at Laurentian University. This process was difficult with some unexpected health issues, surgeries, and various other unpleasant life surprises. However, with Jamie, my family and friends (along with some incredible teachers!), the degree was mine.

Our FamJam

In 2019, I graduated with a B.A Honours, Major in History and Minor in langues et linguistiques.

What an honour to graduate on June 6, 2019. This day marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

Currently I am studying for a Masters in Viking Studies. The medieval period is fascinating to me, particularly the Celts, Picts, Ango-Saxons, and Vikings/Norse. This might show up a tad in some podcasts.

Hopefully you can join me in this mini-adventure of History. In the podcast I interview scholars, students, amateurs, academics, and so many more! My goal is to give you a small taste of a topic and help you learn more about it.

I have been so lucky to meet incredible people in my journey so far, I hope you will enjoy it just as much!