Early Medieval Public Archaeology with Professor Howard Williams

Today I talk to Professor Howard Williams, a Professor of Archaeology in the Department of History & Archaeology at the University of Chester, UK.

When I read about his proposed topic and his book, I was so pleased to have him on the podcast! This is not a facet of archaeology we generally think about in specific terms.

He explained everything very well, and it will definitely be something to consider moving forward in my own studies into History.

Thank you Professor Williams, it was a very enjoyable time learning about ‘Dark Age’ Public Archaeology! 😉

PS It was raining heavily when I recorded the Intro/Outro, and I did not think it could be heard. However, I think you can hear it in the podcast episode – I’m sorry about that!

Book Recommendations by Professor Williams: 

Formative Britain by Martin Carver

De Gruyter’s The Vikings Reimagined: Reception, Recovery, Engagement by Tom Birkett and Roderick Dale

And the FREE to download book at ArchaeoPress

Digging into the Dark Ages: Early Medieval Public Archaeologies by Howard Williams and Pauline Clarke