John of Gaunt with Helen Carr

Today is an episode with a great historian, and also Podcaster of Hidden Histories, Helen Carr.

Have you heard of this medieval historical figure? So many tales about John of Gaunt concentrate on the negative aspects of his personality. Helen enlightened on the various facets of his life, and gave us a new perspective to consider.

As I mention in the podcast introduction, this was the first audio-bomb I’ve had so far. Her daughter called out to her in the sweetest voice. Keep an ear out for this, it was very cute!

I guess technically my kids have also audio-bombed my own recordings, but only when there were no guests. It also generally involves mediating issues between them or helping with homework. I miss the young toddler days sometimes!

I want to say a big thank you to Helen for coming on the Podcast and answering my multitude of questions. John of Gaunt is fascinating and I am looking forward to buying the book soon.

Her book is coming out next year, so keep an eye on her website HERE!


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