Pre-Viking Age and Viking Age Markets with Professor Søren Sindbæk

Today’s discussion with Dr. Sindbæk takes us through Pre-Viking markets and continues through the Viking Age

This episode was a delight, with the expertise of archaeologist and professor Dr. Sindbæk.

Among many other accomplishments, he excavated at the Ribe site. This has been a helpful step in understanding the Pre-Viking Age.

He was very kind to share his knowledge about Viking Age towns, and the possible seeds of their mercantile trade networks.

Thank you very much for coming on the podcast, it was informative and such a different take on the Viking Age!

Book Recommendations:

  • Silver Economies, Monetisation and Society in Scandinavia AD 800–1100 by James Graham‐Campbell, Søren Sindbæk and Gareth Williams
  • Silver, Butter, Cloth: Monetary and Social Economies in the Viking Age by Jane Kershaw, Søren Sindbæk