Richard Henry, Father of Conservation with Thomas Rillstone

This was an incredible podcast with Thomas, the host of History of Aotearoa New Zealand podcast.

Listeners of his podcast know he is serious about New Zealand history, which he approaches with loads of information, peppered with humour and his infectious laugh.

“…Henry predicts that specifically the kākāpō, but other species as well, will go extinct if the mustelids are able to keep going on their current course.”

Though we had some technical issues at first due to storms, thankfully the actual recording ended up being clear.

Thomas’ passion for animal conservation has led him to working in that field.

I hope you enjoy this episode, we probably laughed too much and had a great time talking tangentially, albeit not while recording.

I did make a Bonus episode with some of the random questions I asked during the recording. Thankfully Thomas was very patient and kind, answering all my inquiries.

Hopefully someday my hubby and I can visit New Zealand and have a coffee with Thomas!