Women and the French Revolution with Gary Girod

Today we talk with Gary Girod from the The French History Podcast, about his PhD topic.

In this episode, Gary Girod discusses the role of women in France during the French Revolution. How were they involved? What actions did they take?

Thank you very much for taking the time to come to the Podcast. It is fantastic to hear about women in history.

Book recommendation from Gary:

  • Landes, Joan. Women and the Public Sphere. 1989.

More from his list:

  • Bouton, Cynthia. The Flour War: Gender, Class, and Community in Late Ancien Regime French Society. 1993.
  • Crowston, Claire Haru. Fabricating Women: The Seamstresses of Old Regime France, 1675-1791. 2001.
  • Hafter, Daryl and Kushner, Nina. Women and Work in Eighteenth-Century France. 2015.
  • Sheradin, Geraldine. Louder Than Words: Ways of Seeing Women Workers in Eighteenth-Century France. 2009.
  • Smart, Annie. Citoyennes: Women and the Ideal of Citizenship in Eighteenth-Century France. 2011.
  • Deson, Suzanne. The Family on Trial in Revolutionary France. 2006.
  • DiCaprio, Lisa. The Origins of the Welfare State: Women, Work, and the French Revolution. 2007.
  • Farge, Arlette. Fragile Lives: Violence, Power, and Solidarity in Eighteenth-Century Paris. 1993.
  • Godineau, Dominique. The Women of Paris and Their French Revolution. 1998.