Charlie Chaplin with Jerry Arbs

This is my First Episode

Jerry and I met a while ago, running in the same photography/videography and entrepreneur circles.

However, we got a chance to talk more at length this year at a wedding, and I realised how much he knew about a variety of subjects, as well as just how fun he was to talk to about anything.

Thankfully, Jerry agreed to be recorded, and became part of the History, eh? Episodes.

“…the one thing I miss the most in theatres even in modern day: they don’t have curtains that mechanically open anymore. The concept of a stage being turned into a screen [at a movie theatre].It was the one thing you waited for…”

Our recording was done in a room without Air Conditioning on what had to be one of the hottest days of the year. During edits, I had to cut out so many of our gulping water, juice and cold coffees.

Our silly conversations

His passion for Charlie Chaplin and Filmography became strongly apparent during our conversation. We went off the path a tad in some moments, but it was our pre-conversation during the setting up of the recorder and the camera that also interesting. Sadly those moments were not captured in full, so I should simply invite him back !