Lews Castle


Welcome to the first PetitPod episode!*

Today I would love to share with you about Lews Castle. This stark yet stunning building has an interesting history.

Groome describes the landscape as: “…so beautiful and well laid out that both gardens and grounds compare favourably with any in Scotland…”

This castle was a fun choice, as PetitPod episodes can be on any topic I choose to discuss. However, castles, cathedrals, and particularly anything medieval, always catches my fancy.

In the Podcast, I unfortunately did not mention incredible new information. In July this year, a resident in Edinburgh, Scotland, found a carved piece of art and brought it for assessment.

To their surprise, it was a Lewis Chessmen piece!

You can read more in depth on BBC, in their article Lost Lewis Chessman piece bought for £5 sells for £735,000 at auction. (Click HERE!)

And finally, here are some images that I mentioned in the Podcast. Isn’t this castle lovely?

Why don’t you join me for the Podcast?

* For the References used in this PetitPod, please click HERE