Fallout Video Game with Quinn Blanchard + Bonus Episode

He is so tall, I could not do the selfie!

This is the first Video Game History episode. What an amazing world to discuss with Quinn!

Quinn wore his Fallout vault shirt for the recording, which was a perfect addition to his description of the different video game versions.

We ended up talking in detail about his passionate pastime, so long in fact that I split this into a Bonus episode. This is not always the case, but today you get another Bonus episode!

“I like to compare it to reading a book. If I am playing Fallout, for example, I am still reading, but instead of sitting on a couch reading a story, I am creating my own story.”

The world of a particular video game can be very intricate, but Quinn truly highlighted the “SPECIAL” ( đŸ˜‰ ) aspects of Fallout.

Thank you again for fitting me in your schedule, and teaching me so much about the video game Fallout!

And, with a Full episode and a Bonus episode, there are two players on the Blog post for you.

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