China & Hong Kong with Dr. Hoi Cheu + Bonus Episode

On another rainy day in August, I spent some time in Dr. Cheu’s home office discussing the news that were unfolding in Hong Kong.

These events were important to discuss, because the professor grew up in Hong Kong. There were a few personal stories that peppered the interview, and these highlighted the vast differences between past and present life in Hong Kong.

“You can understand the frustration of the young people in Hong Kong now… It is [about] this hopeless and frustrated youth.”

Dr. Cheu is a Full Professor at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. He completed his B.A. and his M.A. at the University of Waterloo , and his Ph.D. at Western University . His knowledge on multiple topics is impressive, and his point of view was fascinating.

I met Dr. Cheu in a non-academic capacity through his volunteerism, and was excited that he agreed to speak on the Podcast. All was done sight (or sound, as it were) unseen, without knowing quite what I was trying to do on each episode. It was a pleasant surprise when he agreed to be interviewed..

Our conversations also led to a linguistic and music area, as those are other passions of the professor. I considered leaving it in this podcast, but instead split it into a separate episode as a Bonus for those who wish to hear us discuss further subjects.

“In voting which would be the national language, Mandarin won by one vote….To be selfless and make an argument, I think it is the right thing. Cantonese is hell to learn. It has a much richer tonality difference, really really difficult for anybody to learn.”

For this reason, there will be two players at the end of this Blogpost.