Feast Day & Saint Francis of Assisi


This episode is about the beginning of Feast Day (today!) with Saint Francis of Assisi.

He is the Patron Saint of animals, ecology, and merchants.

According to Wolf : “Even secular scholars, bent on approaching the saint from a more detached historical perspective, have invariably, if inadvertently, left Francis on the pedestal where they found him”.

Join me in a small biography of Francis, from the beginning of his life in a well-respected family milieu to the extreme poverty he chose, and on to the foundation of the Franciscan order.

Then I try to lift out the more popular mythologies around his later life, surrounding himself with animals. 

I did catch myself saying “Thomas” a few times instead of Francis, likely because of his biographer’s name, Thomas of Celano. Blame it on the francophone brain mangling names yet again! If I missed one in editing and you hear it, let me know. 😮

* For references, please click HERE.