Leonardo da Vinci with Emma Skrypchuk

Welcome to this episode!

Emma and I were in some history classes together, and although our special interests are not completely identical (Vikings versus the Ancient World), we both agree that da Vinci is cool. Like, very cool. 😉

“There was no such thing as a ridiculous question for Leonardo da Vinci…. He would ask things, and he would also go searching for answers.”

We recorded this among another major rainstorm, with thunder and grey skies.

However, the funniest moments were motorcycles revving their engines, the bird clock singing away and the dial-up phone ringing (twice!) This is why we should not record at my house too often.

Nonetheless, it was a great time chatting about this amazing historical figure, particularly with someone who has such a passion for the intricacies of his character and life.

Now its time to dive into Leonardo da Vinci’s world .

P.S. We also made up a word: Procrastinist. It is a combination of Procrastinator and Perfectionist. This summed it up perfectly for da Vinci. 🙂

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Leonardo’s Journal