Greek and Roman Sexuality with Dr. Aven McMaster

Welcome to the episode!

Dr. McMaster and I met this summer through the Podcasting world. She has kindly helped me navigate the new waters of this world.

Make sure to check out the Endless Knot Podcast that she co-hosts with her husband.

Through listening to her Podcast and talking with her on multiple occasions, I absolutely wanted to have her as a guest.

As you will hear, she is fascinating, and loves Ancient Greece and Rome ! She also teaches Latin, and this absolutely intrigues me…

“We have a whole genre of [Love] Poetry from the Hellenistic period […] arguing the merits of women versus boys. And they are very explicit…”

As can happen often when recording on location, there were some small technical difficulties.

It was incredibly hot in September when this was recorded, and her office window was open. During the recording people stood underneath it and chatted. There were also people talking in the hallways and in adjacent offices. They were difficult to edit out, and I might have missed a few. If your volume is up, you might hear a few of their words. 😉

During the intro/outro of this episode, I realised I caught the back-to-school cold, likely brought home by our multitude of children. I still recorded the pieces, and hope my stuffy nose is not too distracting!

A small aside… This episode is also marked ‘explicit’ due to the wording that was used to explain some concepts. If you have little ears listening and technical language make you uncomfortable, be forewarned. As usual, there are no swears or bad language. This was done as a precaution due to the (possible) sensitive nature of the topic for some people.