Enlistment during WW1 with Patrick Beaudry

Welcome again!

This is an episode to lead us into next week, with the Remembrance Day that is celebrated in Canada on November 11th every year.

Patrick speaks to us about the social pressures to enlist during the First World War, as well as social pressures that created resistance to enlistment.

This topic was his passion for over a year, as he wrote his Masters dissertation about it.

It is important to state that […] although there was this rising resistance, there was still a steady trickle of French and English Canadians who were coming forward to willingly enlist.

When we recorded the podcast, it was a warm summer day, with Air Conditioning blasting in the room. Apologies for the droning you might hear in the background – we couldn’t turn it down.

Also, a lawnmower showed up for a good 15 minutes. It made an interesting forced break. But then the recorder had issues, and the last 20 recorded minutes or so was lost in the etherworld. The break happened around the 1/2 hour mark in the podcast.

We re-recorded approximately a week or so later, so there are slight sound differences.

As you can guess, this was my earlier recorded podcasts, and we were still working out the bugs.

I appreciate Patrick taking the time to speak with me about this topic, as it is not close to my normal historical passions, but it was absolutely fascinating!

Definitely time for more History, Eh? 😉