History of the English Language with Dr. Mark Sundaram + Bonus Episode

This episode is a perfect blend of my two favourite subjects: Linguistics and History!

It was a great conversation with Dr. Mark Sundaram about the History of the English Language.

Caxton […] started printing English for the first time. And it’s quite important where he starts his business, in terms of what English looks like now.

The interview was taped in the office, and as usual, some extra sounds might crop up from conversations in the hallway and such. Hopefully this will not be too distracting for you.

The episode also had lots of extra discussions, so I combined them into a Bonus episode!

Also, as some of you already know, Dr. Sundaram is the co-host of the Podcast called The Endless Knot. His wife came to this Podcast recently, with the topic of Greek and Roman Sexuality (HERE).

This podcasting team is amazing, so head on over to their website afterwards!