Night Witches with Moxie LaBouche

Today I talk to the Author and Podcaster Moxie LaBouche, from the Your Brain on Facts Podcast.

It was great to talk to Moxie about this topic!

The Night Witches have not been mentioned much in our (North American) history books, so this was the perfect time to learn more about these brave women.

Keep up with Moxie as she takes us through the formation of the Night Witches, how they got their name, and even some of their unbelievable accomplishments!

Her book is coming out soon, so keep an eye out for it on her website: Brain on Facts: Things You Didn’t Know, Things You Thought You Knew, and Things You Never Knew You Never Knew

Thank you so much to Moxie for her informative interview!

PS The New York Times Documentary she mentioned is HERE: ‘The Night Witch’


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