Champagne with Stephanie Piché

Enjoying the last days of summer!

And on to the Second Episode!

Stephanie and I met many years ago when we were in BPW (Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women ), a group encouraging women in business ventures.

This particular recording was done minutes after a serious downpour of torrential rain, followed by thunder and lighting. There might be some small sounds piercing through the podcast, and this could not be controlled, but apologies nonetheless to sensitive ears.

Stephanie is passionate about wine, and as a Wine Geek (as she calls herself), she had so much information to share!

“During World War Two…they were digging holes, they were putting them in old graves… Even to this day, […] if you happen to inherit land, and it used to be a winery at one time, they are still finding wine that was hidden…”

Our story started with Champagne, but moved to Wine Making, continued with Sparkling Wines, and even to specific beautiful wines from Ontario, as well as Canada.

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure.

Get comfy with your drink of choice, because this episode is filled to the brim!

Stephanie and her Co-Hosts