Remembrance Day & Poppies


This is the World Peace Tartan with a Red Poppy.

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada.

Among other things, we honour the soldiers who served to protect our country, and their sacrifices to keep us safe during armed conflicts.

In this Podcast episode, we delve into the reasons for celebrating this day, and why the poppy is its national symbol.

Lest we forget. Nous nous souvenons.

Some believe it should be a national holiday, but it has been the cause of debate for a long time.

Maclean’s : Remembrance Day should be a national holiday.

Toronto Sun: EDITORIAL Let’s make Remembrance Day a national holiday

The World Peace Tartan in the above photo was created in 2011 by Victor Spence, and according to the Scottish Register of Tartans,

“The striking wool weave has a base colour of light blue, which is representative of the presence, hope and potential of the United Nations. Scotland is represented at the heart of this enterprise through the purple and green of the Scottish thistle. The red and black in the design represent and remind us of the realities of war and violence and the great need for a new living culture of non violence. The white running through the pattern provides a counterbalance, a symbol of peace and light”

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