War Tanks with Elias Parent

Welcome to the world of Tanks!

Today we chat with Elias Parent about war Tanks. His passion for everything about World Wars is evident when he speaks about the subject.

The heavy tanks had a big gun, big armour, they were really slow but they were tough. The medium tanks were a jack-of-all-trades, […] with good enough armour to deflect RPGs. […] And the light tanks would do reconnaissance, [they were] very nimble, very fast.

I will admit, this episode was the first ever recorded episode, and initially it was going to be a “test” episode. I was testing the sound, the equipment, the interview process, etc… So technically, this was not going to be an episode.

As you maybe have figured out, Elias is young. But the other thing beyond this, he is our son. He has been passionate about everything flight-related since he was eight years old. He started reading about armies and wars later on, and now as a young man he has incredible knowledge beyond what I have learned.

I know, I know… parents always believe that their child is amazing. My husband and I have seven children, and we think they are all the incredible. 😉 Every one of them amazes us with their passions, abilities, and knowledge.

I asked Elias for permission to publish the episode, even thought it was never suppose to be on the podcast, and he agreed.

So here it is, some fun times with a young man who couldn’t speak quickly enough sometimes to share his passion. Recently he told me he is learning about another topic that he thinks might be of interest to the podcast, and I look forward to encouraging him to speak about it.

On a side note, what amazed me the most was that he had no papers or notes with him when we discussed the topic. And I had not given him the questions in advance, so everything was a surprise to both of us.

I hope you enjoy this episode!